Can removing trees cause foundation problems? (Guideline)

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March 13, 2023 by Hirah Ehsan

This question has always been asked, and it would be surprising that removing trees in most cases does not cause foundation problems. The process of removing trees is beneficial for the foundations and the structure of the house.

I will discuss many factors leading to removing a tree in this article. If a tree in your garden is causing a problem, remove it immediately with the help of tree cutting service, which may be helpful for the foundations.

According to my research, 432,05 trees were trimmed and removed in the united states between 17 to 25 February. According to recent research, 248,284 trees were trimmed and removed between March 2020 and February 2023.

Why is it important to remove the tree?

One of the major factors is that removing a tree is important because its roots absorb water, damaging the foundation. Moreover, the rising of soil drains the water into the soil previously absorbed by the roots. This condition of soil sometimes results in the condition of foundation flooding and erosion.

Another factor in removing a tree is the damage to the buildings because the trees grow with the spread of a web of roots around or under the building. If we do not remove the tree, this creates cracks in the walls of the building. Trainers and tree trimmers are hired in the USA to remove such trees.

Studies have shown that 17,898 workers are hired to trim and cut trees if necessary. These stats show that trimming and cutting trees are important for the environment and infrastructure.

Large and old trees absorb the moisture of the foundation and soil which surrounds the foundation. Sometimes the roots that cover the area of the foundation can cause many other problems that are the reason the trees are removed.

The removal process of trees can be helpful for foundations in many cases. It helps to protect buildings from decay. Moreover, removing trees can be helpful when a tree sheds leaves on the roof of the building, which could be better for the building.

When it is important to remove a tree near the building

Tree removal usually does not cause any problems to the foundation, but if you feel that it is causing problems, you should consult the expert’s help for the smooth and safe process of removing the tree that is causing problems.

In addition to that, trees can cause foundation problems on the property. When the foundation is being compromised due to the roots of the tree, then it becomes important to remove it because it causes damage to the concrete of the building.

Here are the signs when to remove a tree, when you notice unusual cracks, swelling, or holes in the house, or the house starts tilting from one side. On the other hand, the soil dries out on that area of the house, indicating that it’s time to remove the tree.

When the house owner feels the tree branches can fall on the property, removing the tree with expert help is important. However, sometimes the removal process of the tree can cause damage to the foundation.

Here are the signs through which you can detect the damages on time. When the tree is removed, the material under the foundation attached to the tree’s roots is compromised—the old the tree, the more damage can cause to the property.

Advantages and disadvantages of removing the tree for the foundation of the building

If we talk about the advantage, when the tree is removed, the water level rises, which was previously absorbed by the tree’s roots, which is again good for the ceiling of the building. In some cases, with the removal of the tree, the sinking problems also get solved.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of removing the tree. In areas with heavy rainfalls and floods, tree removal can cause flood conditions because the tree is removed to absorb the water. As a result, the ground becomes flooded and soggy later on, which becomes a problem for the land.

Another advantage of removing a tree is that the building is protected from the branches and waste of the tree. The dried leaves of the tree can cause damage to the building.

Another disadvantage is that after removing a tree, the summers will be harsh because previously, there were trees to cover the roof and protect the house from the sunlight and harsh weather. The cutting of trees can increase cooling expenses, which is not good for the long term.

While there are more advantages than disadvantages of removing the tree, when it is important to remove the tree, it is removed for the benefit of the foundation.

Tree removal can occasionally result in foundation damage by allowing the soil to erode or by contributing to the presence of standing water in your garden. Most of the time, cutting down a tree is better for you than bad.

Removing a tree with invasive roots results in foundation damage, and foundation settling and leaning are reversed. Root barriers can protect your foundation from invasive roots if you don’t want to cut down a troublesome tree. Keep your shade tree and safeguard your home in this way.


Even though it has many advantages, consider whether tree removal can cause foundation issues. We recommend always obtaining a professional opinion and entrusting the procedure to tree removal specialists. They are proficient in the task and have the appropriate tools.

In addition, all reputable businesses are familiar with the local regulations, have the necessary permits, and carry insurance to cover any unforeseen damages, ensuring that the work is completed promptly and safely.

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