How to graft a pecan tree ( Find out!)

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March 13, 2023 by Hirah Ehsan

Are you interested in learning about how to graft a pecan tree? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. There are different methods to graft a pecan tree. The most common method used is known as inlay grafting.

Most of the time, people find it difficult to graft a pecan tree. They find it a bit complex and difficult procedure.  On the other hand, grafting is highly effective. You just need to have complete know-how about grafting.

If you wonder why we need to graft our trees then I have an answer for you. So, the basic purpose of grafting is to propagate varieties. You can’t get mass variation by just simply planting a tree.

There is no specific science behind grafting a pecan tree. It’s as simple as it should be. The middle of April or May is the most reliable time for grafting a pecan tree. Also, you need to have all the perfect tools.

Let’s explore more about grafting and a few tips you must need to know.

Materials required for Grafting

I’ll walk you through the whole process but before that, you need to know the important materials required in the process.

First of all, you need to find out an actively growing young tree. Secondly, you need a graft of wood. If you plan to collect graft wood then keep it in a zip lock bag.

Next, you need to keep an extremely sharp knife with you. A sharp knife helps you cut the bark of the trees in one go. In this way, it keeps you safe from getting hurt. You can also use shears.

Moreover, you need to keep nails with you. Some people prefer nailing the graft into the tree. A small 3 to4 inches wire or nail is enough.

Aluminum foil is also recommended to maintain moisture. Then you should carry tape and thread with you. It ties up the graft and secures it.

How to Graft Pecan Trees

Bear with me, because I’m going to show you how you can graft pecan trees using extremely easy techniques. Keep reading and I promise you won’t regret it.

The very first thing I would suggest to you is to be confident. I am of opinion that if you don’t believe in something; you can’t do it.

Anyways, you can apply the inlay grafting technique.  Choose a smooth spot on the tree then cut it. Let me tell you an interesting fact people think that trees are round; however, that’s not the case.

Then what? Then you will always find a flat spot. That flat spot is where you have to graft a tree. Do you want to get a tip? Then listen; try to slip the bark otherwise you won’t be able to graft it. Don’t worry, the wood easily slips away.

The next thing is we have to find out the same flat area on the other tree. It is better to go ahead and make just a light slight cut in the bark. And you’ll get a fine area to put a graft on the tree.

Then in the next step, you have to insert a stick. How? Yes, that’s my task to provide you with the guideline. So, you have to cut the wood rather than shave it off. You can use a knife for it. Shave it off till it becomes flat and easy to insert between the bark.

Let’s see exactly how this works.

Trees have three parts. Firstly, the outer part is the bark. Secondly, there comes the middle part that is used to make furniture. Thirdly, there is an area which is in between the bark and woods; an area with living things. Your task is to find this area and insert the stick here.

Insert the graph stick between bark and wood meanwhile, peel it off. When it is inserted properly then start wrapping it.

I would suggest you start from the bottom. Then tie it tightly to make it secure. The next step is to put an aluminum foil. Try to keep the shiny side upward. I know you are wondering about its purpose. It reflects the sun and it maintains the temperature.

The very last step is to put a poly bag. Cut the corners of the poly bag and slide it down the graft. The whole purpose of using a poly bag is that it doesn’t let the graft dry out. You can tie the polythene bag with the help of tape.

There you go. Now leave it for three to four weeks. You have to wait till the Union takes place.

How to Care for the Grafted Pecan Tree

Here’s the point! Taking care of a pecan tree is not a difficult job. You need to keep a few things in your mind.

The very first thing is to provide the grafted pecan tree shelter. It should be protected from hot weather and placed under shade.

Try to use quality material for tying up the grafted wood. For what reason? The reason is that it keeps your tree safe from weather damage as well as from parasites. Don’t cover the scion with tape. However, generally, you can remove the tape after three months.

Here’s the scary part, most people use wax to connect for grafting then they leave it unattended. I request you not repeat this mistake. Why? Because wax often melts in hot weather. It is required to reseal it then.

And lastly, be aware of girdling. And yes the important thing is that scion often expands.  So it is suggested to remove the tape as the scion starts growing. Otherwise, it will be choked by the wrapping.

Advantages of Grafting Trees

You must be inquisitive about the advantages of grafting trees. Yes, there are plenty of advantages, but I am going to mention a few.

Studies have shown that grafted trees get mature more quickly. The fruits and flowers on it bloom sooner. An amazing fact that you are looking for is that grafted trees are resistant to diseases.

It has been seen that grafting changes the size and shape of the tree. It means that it dwarfs the scion. In this way, it becomes easy to harvest.

Looking for more advantages? So the most important advantage is that grafting is very beneficial for the production of new varieties of fruits. As you know that not all varieties of plants are from seeds. So some plants need a fruit seed to grow.

What is grafting?

I know you are inquisitive to know what grafting is. So let me tell you that it is a beneficial technique in which two parts of two different plants are combined. It is done to make vascular tissues grow together.

Basically in this method, you cut two parts of plants diagonally. The upper part is called the scion and the lower is called the rootstock.  The point where these two parts meet is called an interlock.

What next?  In this way, these two parts unite with each other. They become partners and start growing collectively.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has wiped out all of your queries. So to say is that grafting trees is considered an old horticultural technique. It is an innovative, and man-made method to grow different varieties of fruit.

Not all fruit types support each other in growth. So, keep in mind the compatibility before you graft trees. That’s it. Good luck now!

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