How to prune a Meyer Lemon tree ( Find Out!)

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February 24, 2023 by Hirah Ehsan

Pruning lightens the load and allows the plant’s energy and resources to go toward the tree. Are you among those who believe that it is necessary to prune the Meyer lemon tree? I believe you should prune all your plants 20-30 % every year.

First, trim out any dead branches you see. Prune all the damaged branches, until only healthy branches remain. Want to know the best season? Lemon tree pruning is best done in early spring as growth begins for the growing season.

 I wish you don’t even try to deny the fact that pruning a Meyer lemon tree boosts its health. So, Frank Meyer introduced this plant in 1908. Do you know the Meyer Lemon tree has been propagated by grafting and pruning?

I’m sure you are interested in learning more about pruning a Meyer Lemon tree. So what to wait for? Let’s begin!

Tips that can benefit you; before pruning

Want to get some free tips? Sure, why not. Let me allow giving you some interesting tips from which you can benefit a lot.

Do you want to protect your trees from diseases? The answer is yes. Then, I would suggest you sterilize your tools before pruning.

I know that’s what you’re thinking, right? So you can use sharp pruners or handsaw for any lignified hardwood. If you are pruning multiple trees then re-sanitize your tools in between from one tree to another. What makes this so special?

So in this way you stop transmitting diseases from one tree to another. Also, please consider wearing gloves as well.

The other thing you need to be critical of is the “main trunk”. Be vigilant and active throughout the process. Be mindful of the main trunk, so you don’t touch it or cut it instantly.

The final suggestion from my side is that you make sure your pruning cuts are clean and sharp. Why? because lemon trees start bleeding when you cut them. If you want to have safe cutting then use sharp tools.

If you have read all the tips carefully, so now you are ready to start pruning.

How to prune a Meyer Lemon tree

The pruning style depends on the size of your Meyer lemon tree. Moreover, it depends on the shape you want to get.

First of all, remove any dead or diseased branches of trees. Sometimes, pesticides attack branches and damage them, try to remove them.

Secondly, keenly observe any lanky or extra branches. Try to remove any branches that cross these main stems or have the potential to rub against them.

What next? Some of the branches often lie on the ground. The idea behind removing these branches is that they are more prone to diseases. Moreover, they also block the air of the trees.

In addition to it, remove all the swollen branches. Why? Because wasps love to settle in them. Not only this, but they also make little slits and lay their eggs inside them. So, make sure that you dispose of them or either burn them.

No! It hasn’t been finished yet. I would also suggest you remove all the branches growing into the open center.  

Last but not least suggestion I would like to give you is to prune your tree to the same length. What does it do? It gives a symmetrical shape and enhances the beauty of the tree.

Any tips to be followed after pruning?

A genuine question! It is quite obvious that there is a need to look after your tree after pruning as well. But how? Don’t worry; I am here to answer all your queries.

The very first step is to throw away all the branches that you have cut. It’s up to you if you burn them or throw them away. The reason is that it contains pesticides. Pesticides are harmful and they damage trees. Throwing them away can help your tree to get rid of those harmful substances.

Have you heard about fertilizers? Lemon trees require good fertilizers for healthy growth. Fertilizers contain a lot of nutrients and boost the production of healthy fruit. So, I don’t think I further need to defend the importance of using fertilizers.

 The most important thing, I would recommend to you is to water your tree well. Water keeps them fresh and young. Moreover, Pruning is stressful for the Lemon Meyer tree. If you water it daily, it can help in recovering quickly.

What is the best time to prune a Meyer lemon tree?

It is very important to know the answer to this question. If you prune your tree in any season of your choice, then I’m telling you, it won’t be effective.

Late winter is the best time to prune your tree. However, pruning your tree in early spring is also not a bad option.

What are the benefits of pruning your trees at this time of the year? I know you want to select productive branches, encourage outward growth during the upcoming season, and maximize fruit yield. Right?

Then why take the risk? Collect your tools, and sterilize them. And be ready for pruning!

Final Thoughts

I hope that I have answered all of your queries. Pruning a Meyer lemon tree is not a difficult task. All you need to know is that you have to use the proper tools. Don’t forget to sanitize them.

Read all the instructions in detail before pruning. That’s all folks!

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