How To Tell If A Palm Tree Is Dead(Expert Guide)

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March 13, 2023 by Hirah Ehsan

All the people who love plants and trees and like to renovate their yards and houses absolutely love palm trees but they still wonder how can they tell if a palm tree is dead.

Well, I am here to tell you all that you need to know and you can easily judge whether the tree is healthy or dead. Just bear with me and you will have all the knowledge you need.

While palm trees may appear beautiful and healthy there are certain causes and nutritional deficiencies that can cause their death.

So, that means if you have a palm tree in your house you need to take good care of it. But as the topic suggests, how do you know if the tree is dead or what may cause its death?

Do not worry, I will tell you all of it. So let’s just get into it.

How can you tell if a palm tree is dead?

Even though it may seem a little difficult to tell from the outset, here are some signs that can instantly tell that your tree is dead or dying.

Leaf Discoloration

If the leaves start to wilt or even if you find any discoloration along with the leaves. You might have to check the soil immediately and make sure it has all the proper nutrients.

Make sure you check the soil and sprinkle some water on it if it seems excessively dry. Also, make sure that you provide the right amount of fertilizers.

Leaf Loss

Leaf loss is another sign that tells that a palm tree is dead or dying. You may observe that the fronds on your palm tree are dropping.

Keep in mind that it is natural for a palm tree to have one to two fronds but if there is certainty something is not right with your tree if it’s shedding more than it should.

If your palm tree keeps on shedding and loses its frond. Well, I hate to break it to you but it has died.

Young Fronds Dropping

Again as I mentioned above it’s natural for a palm tree to drop old fronds and form new ones, The situation becomes alarming when the tree starts to drop off the newly formed fronds.

If the tree sprouted recently and now has started to drop off the young buds. You need to act quickly as the tree is very sick or probably dead. On the other hand, some trees might just stop growing and eventually there will be no leaves to drop.

The Brown Crown

A healthy and well tree has a green crown and it should stay that way any other color might be a little trouble.

As we know that the crown is the region from where all the new growth comes. If the crown of the tree is dead or has turned brown this means that the tree can not grow anymore.

So, no new growth means that the tree can not grow anymore and the old ones will eventually

die too.

Lots Of Pests

Most trees that are healthy and well will not be infested with pests so if the tree becomes infested with pests and other insects that means that you have to act quickly. If you want to save the tree from dying.

Pests hang around on a tree that has died for a while so if you see swarms of insects on your tree that means that the tree is dead or is going to die. So act quickly as who knows that your actions might save your tree from dying.

Brown inside the trunk

You don’t need to cut open your tree but this is one of the best methods to tell whether your tree is alive or how much life is left in it.

Just cut a short way into the trunk of the tree so that you can see the tissues and peel the outer

layer. If you can still see some green in it this means that there is still some life left in it.


Now that you know how to tell if your tree is dead or not. The process may be a little challenging to tell whether a tree is completely dead or not.

But now I guess after reading this article you know how to tell the difference between a dead tree and a healthy tree.

Make sure you take good care of your tree so that you don’t have to tell whether it’s alive or dead.

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