Maple Trees in Alabama ( Ultimate Guide)

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March 13, 2023 by Hirah Ehsan

Maple trees are well known for their growth in Alabama. People in that region are fond of whiskey and these trees are a richer source of it. Its wood is burnt down to get Tennessee whiskey.

The maple trees have Zinc and Manganese that strengthens the human immune system. It also elevates the process of metabolism. Maple trees are a source of earning money. They are used by industries to make medicines. Pharmaceutical companies use them for their benefit.

They also provide beauty to your land. If they are given favorable conditions and taken care of, they can live more than 100 years. There are different types of maple trees found in Alabama.

Types of Maple Trees in Alabama

1. Red maple

The red maple has a dense root system. It grows very properly in town areas. It is also known as the gentle maple. It grows over hundreds of toes. The leaves of this tree have a V-shape. The different parts of the trees have deep scarlet colors.  It is super easy to grow.

The height of these trees varies from 60-90ft. The texture of its bark is smooth. It is generally grey. The color of the leaves changes before they drop.

In autumn, they turn yellow and orange. Flowers start blooming in the early spring. The color of the flowers is red. Male and female flowers grow separately. However, sometimes they grow on the same trees in different groups.  

The wood of red maple is ideal for making buildings and wood items. It is used to make yummy syrup.

2. Silver maple

 Its bushes grow from 36-49 feet. It grows quickly along water-soaked areas such as waterways and wetlands. The color of its sap ranges from white, gold, or reddish brown. It has five-lobed leaves. The underside of the leaves is silver in color.  It doesn’t need much maintenance as compared to other maple trees.

The amazing fact about the maple tree is that it can grow well in dry and wet soil both. It is known as a tough tree because it grows in hard areas. It can resist hot weather and drought conditions. Silver maple trees grow fast in bright sunlight.  

3. Sugar maple

 The sugar maple tree is one of the natural trees grown in Alabama.  These plants have high-quality leaves. The size of leaves varies from 7 – 15 cm. The immature sugar maple trees have a green color with 5 lobes. However, it turns yellow or orange when it gets matured.   The bark of this tree is dark brown. It starts peeling off over time. As far as its commercial use is concerned, it is used for extracting syrup. Syrup is used as a sweetener in different products.

4. Japanese maple

Japanese maples are also known as the red emperor maple tree. The scientific name of the Japanese maple is Acer Palmatum. The Japanese maple shrubs are 20-33 feet high. The Japanese maple leaves have sharp lobes. The Japanese maple must be planted between solar and well-drained soil.

They grow upright with red or green leaves. They grow well even if you give them minimal care. They usually have several trunks, rather than a single central trunk. The leaves of Japanese maple are smaller in size. The seeds of the leaves fell in spring.

The stems of this tree grow from one another. It makes the tree look congested. Pruning and trimming are required to make it grow healthy. On the other hand, the Japanese maple is used by the Japanese and Chinese to decorate their houses.

5. Chalk Maple

It is grown abundantly in Alabama. It turns grey or white when the tree gets matured. It grows up to 30 feet. It grows in well-drained soil. The color of its fruit is brown and copper. The fruit type belongs to Samara.  It is resistant to pests. It is highly shade and drought tolerant, and heat tolerant.

It is grown in lawns, ponds, and woodlands. It is also found in mountains.  It attracts bees, butterflies, moths, and pollinators. The flowers naturally bloom in spring and winter. The flowers are green, yellow, and sometimes gold.

6. Box Elder Maple

Its scientific name is Acer Negundo.It is mainly found in the upper coastal plain into the piedmont and mountain regions. It grows fast but has weak brittle wood. Heavy snow and wind easily break its stem. So it has a short life span.

It is vulnerable to boxelder bugs as they eat seeds on female trees. It is harvested generally in the fall and winter seasons. The inner bark of this tree is used as medicine. Also, the Native Americans use its sap, boil it, and extract its syrup. The tree is also used to make pulp paper.

7. Black maple

 It grows 60-80 feet long. It is grown in moist, average soil.  It is often planted in parks and streets to get shade. It blooms in spring and is harvested in summer. Its trunk is grayish brown. It gets rough as the tree grows older.

The male flowers of this tree are yellow. They are 2-4 inches long with drooping umbels. Female flowers have shorter umbels. They grow well in organic soil.

People Also Ask

Why do the leaves of the trees turn yellow?

It is observed that most of the time; it is due to excess water. If the tree is exposed to heavy rainfall or too much water, it turns yellow. Moreover, the other possibility can be that the tree is planted in a low-lying area where it lacks a proper drainage system.

Which Maple Tree is best for sweet syrup?

All the maple trees produce sweet syrup. But Sugar Maple is best known for the production of sweet syrup. As its name indicates, it has a high concentration of sugar in it. Native Americans boil its sap and extract syrup from it for commercial use.

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