Maple trees in Ohio ( Types)

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March 13, 2023 by Hirah Ehsan

Maple trees are one of the strongest and finest trees in the world. There are more than 100 species of maple trees found in Ohio. Their size varies according to the specie they belong to. The maple trees have attractive and vibrant colors. People in North America like sitting in their shades.

They enhance the beauty of the landscape. Besides beauty, they are used by humans for making furniture and decoration purposes. The herbs of maple trees are of no less use.

They are a great source of medicine. People of North America use these herbs for curing diseases like swollen joints, blindness, and liver congestion and for healing wounds. The syrup of maple trees is extracted for commercial and personal use.

Let’s talk about a few types of maple trees found in Ohio. Also, I will help acknowledge their benefits.

Maple trees in Ohio

Red Maple Trees

The scientific name of Red Maple is Acer rubrum. Red Maple trees are one of the common trees you see in Ohio. They carry reddish buds and flowers. They enhance the beauty of the landscape. These trees grow 70 feet high and 40 feet spread.

Their bark is brown and grey. Moreover, it has softwood as compared to other maple trees. The other amazing fact about the red maple tree is that one tree can carry both, male and female flowers.

 Benefits of Red Maple Trees

Red maple trees can provide benefits to humanity. People use its bark to make medicines. The internal part of the bark is cooked then it becomes powder. The powder is applied to wounds as medicine. It heals the wound.

The sap of red maple has sugar in it. It is used to make syrups. It is boiled in hot water that can be concentrated. It is also used as a sweetener for many beverages and foods.

Its wood is used in the production of various products. It is used to manufacture kitchen cabinets, floors, and all kinds of wood furniture. Its wood is strong. People use its wood to make the decoration as well. Moreover, they are also used to make hand tools and machinery. It is also used in making bats, bowling pins, and butcher blocks.

Silver Maple Trees

The scientific name of this tree is Acer saccharinum. It is commonly found in moist woodlands. It is named silver maple because it has a silver color underside of its leaves. Its maximum height is 80 feet. It is also named water maple because it requires a rich amount of water for growth.

A silver maple tree doesn’t require wet soil. But it requires high care and maintenance because it has weak limbs. It easily gets damaged due to thunderstorms.

Benefits of Silver Maple Trees

It is an excellent source of shade. It is also a source of food for animals living in forests. Animals like; squirrels, chipmunks, and small mammals eat their seeds. The other animals like deer and rabbits eat their bark. It also helps several animals to develop cavities. It provides a home to animals. Animals also breed in their shelter.

The sap of this tree is used for syrup extraction. However, it is used as medicine for the liver. It acts as a liver cleanser. People boil their leaves in hot water and drink it as a remedy. It is frequently used as a cure for cough in North America.

Furthermore, it is also used to dissolve gallstones. Its extract is used as a medicine that prevents gallstone formation. Some people use it with rosemary bud which assists in controlling cholesterol.

Sugar Maple Trees

Scientists call it Acer saccharum. It grows up to 115 feet tall. It has dense wood and that’s why it is also called hardwood. It has high intensity of sugar as compared to other maple trees. The growth of this tree is slow due to the hardness of its wood.

Their leaves are very attractive and beautiful.  They have multiple colors in the fall season including; orange, yellow, and bright orange-red colors. They are mostly found in public areas like parks and playgrounds to enhance their beauty.

Benefits of Sugar Maple Trees

Sugar maple is rich in sugar. The sugar is extracted from these trees.  It is used to make brown and white sugar. It is unrefined and is in its purest form. It has fewer calories than other maple trees. North Americans use them in candies to get a sweeter effect. It is also used in vinegar that helps in cooking meat. It is used commercially to earn money.

The wood of this tree is used to produce fire. It is used to construct buildings, musical instruments, and ships. Moreover, it is used to manufacture toys and stationery.

Household items like utensils and hand tools are also made through them. Archery bows are another item made by this tree. The guitar and violin are also made up of this tree.

Its wood is beneficial for curing several diseases. Its bark is mixed with other herbs and is used for treating blindness. People also eat it with intention of purifying blood. It also benefits people who need dermatological aid.

Taking care of Maple trees

Enough Water and Nutrients   

Red maple trees need a great amount of water to grow healthy. It requires proper irrigation. If the soil gets dry, it affects the growth of the tree. Trees are watered weekly. It can be through irrigation or rainfall. Don’t let their leaves whittle. Give them balanced fertilizer once a year. Try to add a new layer of compost to the soil, annually.


Maple trees should be pruned at the start of summer. If you see any broken branch, cut it off. If the center of the tree seems crowded, remove some branches to allow air and light to cross. It elevates the growth rate of the tree.


The moist and deep soil is best for the growth of maple trees. Don’t plant maple trees in rocky soil. The pH of the soil must be 6 – 7.5. Different types of maple trees need different pHs so you can adjust accordingly. Also, use nitrogen-rich soil fertilizer. It promotes healthy trees.

People Also Ask

Why do we need to grow maple trees in Ohio?

Maple trees are the best source of shade. They grow very fast and have strong, deep roots. They live more than 100 years.  They increase the beauty of your backyard. The shiny and blooming color of their leaves makes them more attractive. The presence of trees in your backyard will keep you close to nature.

Do we need to worry about pests and insects?

Maple trees are vulnerable to pests and insects. They attack the trees and destroy them. All you need to do is to spray your trees properly. You can also leave ladybugs that can eat those pests.

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