Metallic Palm Trees (Ultimate Guide)

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March 13, 2023 by Hirah Ehsan

The metallic palm tree is scientifically famous as Chamaedorea Metallica. Experts believe that its roots lead us to Mexico. It generally grows up to 5 ft tall and 4ft wide.

Experiments have shown that its seeds take 3-4 months to germinate. However, it is highly adaptable and flexible. Also, it requires moderate water to grow.

Moreover, it bears black fruits. However, it is not edible.  It is usually grown indoors to enhance the beauty of the home. It is a perfect option for small landscapes.

I have carried out extensive research through experimentation. Are you interested in knowing about my first-hand experience? Let’s see what I have collected for you.

Metallic Palm Tree

What is Metallic Palm Tree?

Metallic palm trees belong to the Arecaceae family of plants. This family contains more than 100 species. Whereas, only six of them including metallic palm trees can be placed indoors for decoration.

The other names for metallic palm are metal palm, Metallica palm, miniature fishtail palm, and dwarf fishtail palm.  It is commonly found in Central America and the rainforests of southern Mexico.

Are you wondering why is it called a metallic palm tree? It is exceptional because of its genes. It has metallic blue-green foliage with a metallic sheen.

What is The Size and Required For Growth?

As said they are placed indoors so they don’t need to be heightened. They are a maximum of 5′ feet.

It has green stems wrapped in the scars of old leaves. The length of stems is generally 15″ inches.

The leaves of metallic palm trees are in different colors such as deep green, metallic blue-green, or grayish-green shade. However, the metallic sheen is one of the most attractive and different. They have a small narrow vein-like structure.

Like any other plant, the metallic palm tree also sheds leaves when it gets old.  

Moreover, an interesting fact about them is that they are sold in pairs. They look beautiful if they are more than one or two placed together somewhere on the table for decoration.

Does Metallic Palm Tree Produce Flowers?

Yes, it has flowers in red, purple or orange color. Though the flowers are small in size these flowers are extremely attractive. Flowers usually appear in form of clusters or groups on the branches.

Plus, not a single plant owns female and male flowers so it’s known as dioecious. The color of the flower changes from red and purple to black when they ripen.  

Requirements of Metallic Palm Tree

Metallic palm tree requires certain factors to grow healthy. These factors need to be kept in mind to ensure healthy growth.

  • Light & Temperature Requirement

Low light condition is ideal for the growth of metallic palm tree. It grows well in shady or partial shade. That’s why it is often placed indoors for decorative purposes.

As far as temperature is concerned, it can live in temperatures as low as 25° degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is winter hardy and thrives well in the hardiness zone between 10b to 11.

  • Watering and Nourishment

Unlike other plants that demand a high rate of water, it requires moderate water. It is highly adaptable. However, it doesn’t mean that it should be left unattended to dry out.  

Also, use a high-quality palm tree fertilizer to ensure rapid growth. It is preferred to use it twice a year.

  • Soil

It is not necessary to grow this plant in the ground or backyard. You can use a pot for growing it. Take a plastic pot, and put loamy and humus-rich soil in it.

Generally, it is flexible and grows in any kind of soil easily. However, the soil should be well-drained and best in quality.

  • Protection from Pests

The metallic palm tree often becomes vulnerable to pesticides if it is overwatered. Common pesticides including spider mites and mealybugs attack the tree. They often get settled in the leaf and stems of the tree if left unattended.

So, in this case, natural remedies are recommended. Products such as neem oil sprays or insecticidal soap should be used to avoid any further damage.

Nevertheless, you should wash your hands vigilantly after dealing with plants. Don’t take risks.

Metallic Palm Tree as a Decorative Tree

The metallic palm tree is preferred to grow in a small landscape. Its vibrant colors attract the visitors towards it. It is often found in small spaces for instance nurseries and garden centers for decoration.

Also, they give a royal look to the surrounding. Now they have just become a part of modern architecture. People in urban areas often prefer growing it in minimal spaces.

Final Thoughts

A Metallic Palm tree is a good economical choice if you are looking for a reasonable yet decorative tree for your lounge. It gives a mesmerizing and fresh look to empty spaces.

Don’t think about it now, just go and buy!

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