How To Prune A Mulberry Tree ( Revealed!)

Pruning a mulberry tree is easiest when the tree is in its dormant state. When you can see the structure without it being covered by leaves. Do not! Prune when the climate is very cold because, under 50 degrees Fahrenheit … Read More

How to prune a Meyer Lemon tree ( Find Out!)

Pruning lightens the load and allows the plant’s energy and resources to go toward the tree. Are you among those who believe that it is necessary to prune the Meyer lemon tree? I believe you should prune all your plants 20-30 … Read More

How To Prune A Lavender Tree ( Find Out!)

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How to prune a lilac tree? ( Find Out!)

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How to prune a guava tree? ( Revealed!)

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Lucuma Trees ( Ultimate Guide)

Lucuma trees enchant you with their 20 meters height and greyish-brown fissured bark. This is an evergreen tree and belongs to the genus Pouteria. You can easily recognize the Lucuma tree by its elliptical leaves and small bundled flowers. Lucuma … Read More