Storm Damage Tree Removal Services(Complete Data)

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March 17, 2023 by Hirah Ehsan

Natural disasters are bound to come. It includes thunderstorms, ice storms, hailstorms, snowstorms, wind storms, and blizzard storms. However, you should always be prepared for storm damage tree removal services.

Storm damages trees in so many ways and results in serious issues. So never take a risk in availing of tree services after storm damage. Tree removal services are necessary to ensure the protection of the property and lives of people.

Arbotis often come across cases where the negligence of citizens after storm damage leads to serious consequences.

Do you want an expert opinion? As an expert in a niche, I’m writing this from my first-hand experience. Let’s start with the types of damage a storm may cause to a tree.

What Are The Types of Tree Damage Caused Due To Storms?

Along with this, let me tell you that there are different kinds of tree damage caused by storms. Mainly it is divided into three types.

One of the three may be named mild damage. It means that the storm may cause slight damage such as damage to branches, leaves, or barks of the trees. However, it doesn’t disturb the structure of a tree.

Next, you may observe moderate tree damage. It may result in significant limb damage to the trees. You see your tree physically unstable. It may be a slight risk not to remove the tree in this condition.

Lastly, storms cause severe tree damage. The tree gets uprooted and there are chances of falling. Either in some cases, it fell on the property and it’s highly risky. The risks of damage increase if it is not removed timely.

Storm Damage Tree Removal Services

Let me ease your job. I know you are looking for some specific storm damage tree removal services around you. I’m mentioning a few below.

Sound Tree Damage LLC

Sound Tree Damage is located in Washington. They provide the best tree removal services along with a free quote. They are 24/7 available for emergency tree trimming and removal services.

It is an ISA-certified arborist company. Their emergency services include emergency tree removal, emergency tree trimming, emergency fell branch removal, emergency tree debris clearing from structures, and emergency tree support system installations.


Address: SeaTac, WA

Tel: 206-486-7790


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Customer Reviews 4.9/5

  • They provided me with customized services and did everything I asked for. Tree removal and tree pruning. They also cleaned up the area after the job was done. Their pricing is justified. I will hire Sound Tree Car for tree removal/pruning needs again.
  • They are amazing. I had searched the market a lot before choosing them. I observed that others charged double but Eric (owner) and the team came and did an amazing job. I am so glad that we found them!

Dawson Tree Removal

You may never regret choosing Reliable Tree Removal for tree removal services. They have built a high reputation in the market due to their vast experience of 30 years and extensive knowledge about the field.

If you want any of the services mentioned below, what are you waiting for? contact them.

  • Emergency Storm Damage
  • Stump Grinding
  • Crown Cleaning & Thinning
  • Hazardous Tree Removal
  • Tree Risk Assessment and many more


Address: 4787 Kirk Road Winston-Salem, 27103

Tel: 336-345-2572


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Customer Reviews (5/5)

  • I reached out to them through their website. I requested a quote and surprisingly Steve(owner) came the next day with it. It genuinely made me happy because it proved how responsible he is, however, I called 2 others, who said they’d stop by and look at it but they never contacted back.

Total Tree Service

Are you looking for a company that is highly experienced, and professional and provides a free home-in estimate? Then you should go for Total Tree Service. Customer satisfaction is their first and foremost priority.

They are available in any case of emergency to remove any tree due to storm damage. I’m providing you with their details below.


Address: 1111 Olmstead Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Tel : (269) 381-3336

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Customer Reviews (4.5/5)

The team arrived promptly. They were very friendly and organized. They took about 35 minutes to get their job done. It was amazing and mind-blowing.

What Are The Factors To Be Considered When Removing Storm-Damaged Trees?

Tree removal is an expensive activity so you need to know certain factors when it becomes necessary to remove a storm-damaged tree.

Is it an emergency?

It’s so obvious that storms cause the situation of an emergency. Simultaneously, the prices of tree removal services go high.

I know you are interested in looking for a solution. As an expert, I would suggest you consult your local emergency providers first and ask them to provide you with a professional in the emergency.

If it’s not an emergency and you can wait then it’s better to wait for the prices to go down and get your services done at that time.

Home Insurance

I assume you already know about it. Home insurance can save you from a lot of mess.

If you have done home insurance ask them to provide you with tree removal services. In this case, the company will bear all the costs and expenses of the services.

Condition of the tree

The most important thing is to examine the current condition of the tree after the storm. You need to be vigilant while observing the condition of the tree.

Having said that, a storm causes different types of damage. Sometimes it’s minor whereas sometimes it’s major. So you need to take the help of an expert.

If you feel a tree may fall and damage the property or it has become vulnerable to pesticides and insects it should be removed in that case.

If you think you don’t have proper knowledge then you may hire a professional for a consultation.

Who Should Perform Storm Tree Removal; Why Hire an Expert?

Yes, it’s an important question to be answered. If your tree got damaged after the storm you need to be careful while dealing with it.

People often prefer doing it on their own. However, it’s not a good option. You may risk your life just by saving some cost.

Nevertheless, you may find a lot of storm-damage tree removal services around.

It is always better to hire a professional arborist. They are not only trained to remove trees rather they guarantee the safety of your property.

Not only this, but they also examine the health of your tree and suggest you accordingly.

Additionally, they carry a license and are responsible for any damage. In case of any unfortunate event, they will pay the cost.

Moreover, they have proper safety suits to keep them safe and know all the best techniques and methods to remove the tree without harming anything around.

Furthermore, they have updated tools and types of equipment to handle any situation. They are efficient in their job.

Apart from it, they also make sure to clean the area after their services. They take away all the mess and create ease for you.

So, it is always recommended to get your trees removed or repaired by experts. Don’t try it on your own as it’s risky.

Final Thoughts

Folks! Tree removal is a highly risky activity. Hire a professional or pro who can carry out the process with efficiency. Be wise while taking any decision for your trees.

Always prefer certified arborists with extensive knowledge and potential skills. Be careful and vigilant as prevention is better than cure.

People Also Ask

In which direction will a tree fall in a storm?

I can’t tell you the exact direction without looking at it. However, you may observe your tree and see on what side is it leaning.

It would fall on the side it is inclined toward. If the tree isn’t leaning at any side then it’s impossible to say anything.

Which trees fall in storms?

Trees that have weak health and fragile roots are vulnerable during a storm. The signs of weak trees include a cracked trunk, dead or dying branches, illness, or a dangerous lean.

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